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The Motor Field Regulator System is a solid-state retrofit replacement for the Westinghouse Silverstat current regulator, used to control the main motor current aboard several US Coast Guard B and C Class buoy tenders. Custom designed for the  



bulletMeets or exceeds the Silverstat in performance
bulletAll Solid-state 
bulletModular design


Part Numbers 


Part Number

Motor Field Regulator System SLC1000 2990-0117-94035
Motor Field Regulator Assembly SLC1010  
Motor Field Regulator - PC Assembly only PCA1010-2 6110-01235-2741
Variable Output Generator Exciter (VOGE) SLC1025 5963-01234-7292
DC Drive used in Variable Output Generator Exciter (VOGE) SLC1025-19 6110-01381-4502

Selectronix BINCS/CAGE Code: 65744

USCG Seagoing Buoy Tender Class C (Iris)

Class B (Mesquite)

Ironwood Mesquite Buttonwood Planetree Papaw Sweetgum


Class C (Iris)

Basswood Bittersweet Blackhaw Blackthorn Bramble Firebrush Hornbeam Iris Mallow Mariposa Redbud Sagebrush Saliva Sassafras Sedge Spar Sundew Sweetbrier Acacia Woodrush

Former USCGC Cutter Status

USCGC Basswood (WLB-388)Privately owned and for sale in Richmond, California (June 2011)
USCGC Bittersweet (WLB-389)Serves in Estonia as the Valvas PVL-109
USCGC Blackhaw (WLB-390)USN sunk as target in June 1997 off Puerto Rico
USCGC Blackthorn (WLB-391)Scuttled off of Clearwater, Florida as fish habitat reef
USCGC Bramble (WLB-392)Waterfront museum ship up for sale in Port Huron, Michigan
USCGC Firebush (WLB-393)Serves in Nigeria as NNS Nwamba (cat) A-503
USCGC Hornbeam (WLB-394)Privately owned in Florida renamed Rum Cay Grace
USCGC Iris (WLB-395)Stored in Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet (Jan 2010 inventory)
USCGC Mallow (WLB-396) Anchored in the Indian River, Cocoa, Florida.  CG in touch with owners (June/2011)
USCGC Mariposa (WLB-397)Sold at auction in March 09, presently moored in Seattle (05/09)
USCGC Redbud (WLB-398)Serves in Philippine CG as Kalinga AG-89
USCGC Sagebrush (WLB-399)Scuttled 28 April, 1988 off Georgia coast as a reef
USCGC Saliva (WLB-400)Serves as a USNS training hulk at Little Creek, Virginia
USCGC Sassafras (WLB-401)Serves in Nigeria as NNS Obula A-504
USCGC Sedge (WLB-402)Serves in Nigeria as NNS Kyanwa A-501
USCGC Spar (WLB-403)Scuttled off North Carolina as fish habitat reef 10 June 2004
USCGC Sundew (WLB-404)Privately owned by Jeff Foster of Foster Trucking in Superior, Wisconsin  (04/2010)
USCGC Sweetbrier (WLB-405)Serves in Ghana as GNS Bonsu (whale) P31
USCGC Acacia (WLB-406)Privately owned and will be open for tours in Manistee, Michigan (04/2010)
USCGC Woodrush (WLB-407)Serves in Ghana as GNS Anzone (shark) P30


Selectronix Motor Field Regulators continue to serve:


Nigerian Navy Patrol Cutters

Nigerian Navy wikipedia source information

Ship name and Pennant no.




NNS Kyanwa (A 501)

Class C, buoy tender United States

ex USCGC Sedge (WLB-402)[8]

NNS Nwamba (A 503)

Class C, buoy tender United States

ex USCGC Firebush (WLB-393)[10]

NNS Obula (A 504)

Class C, buoy tender United States

ex USCGC Sassafras (WLB-401)[11]



 Ghana Navy






GNS Anzone (shark)




USCGC Woodrush (WLB-407)

GNS Bonsu (whale)




USCGC Sweetbrier (WLB-405)


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