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Load (Step) Controller Technical Resources and Documents
Superstep Series 4000 Load (Step) Controllers
  1. SLC4000 Installation and Operating Manual 

  2. SLC4000 POPS and PS Lead/Lag Addendum

  3. SLC4000 Alternate Function Relays Addendum

  4. SLC4000 Load Limit Configurations Addendum

  5. SLC4000 Time-sliced PWM Addendum

  6. SLC4000 Direct Digital Control Interface Addendum

  7. SLC4000 General Purpose Set Point Control Addendum

  8. SLC4000Addendum_BMI_XRlys.pdf

  9. SLC4000 Troubleshooting Flowchart

  10. SLC4000 NEMA 4X Addendum

  11. UL Certificate of Compliance for SLC4000 and SLC4024 

  12. Selectronix Recommended Temperature Controllers And Wiring Notes 

  13. SLC4000TechNote10_EMISuppressionComponents

Comparison Charts with Other Step Controllers

  1. Comparison Chart Selectronix SLC2100 and Selectronix SLC4000 

  2. Comparison Chart Viconics R851B and Selectronix SLC4000 

  3. Comparison Chart Indeeco/SolitechS95 and Selectronix SLC4000 

  4. Comparison Chart Indeeco/SolitechM72 and Selectronix SLC4000 

Supplemental Wiring Information

  1. Honeywell T775 Wiring To Selectronix

  2. CAM/Coates To Selectronix SLC4000 Wiring Diagram

SLC4060 Process Gateway

  1.  Installation and Operating Manual for SLC4060  

  2. UL Certificate of Compliance for SLC4060 

  3. SLC4060 Firmware Upgrade Procedure  

SLC4075 TouchScreen Gateway

  1. SLC4075 Installation and Operating Manual

  2. SLC4075/SLC4000 Classic Lead Lag Features and Controlsl

  3. SLC4075-4, Red Lion G304K2 Detailed Information

  4. SLC4075-7, Red Lion G307K2 Detailed Information

  5. SLC4075 Building Mngmt Interface Custom Configuration Worksheet

  6. SLC4075TechNote01_BACnetMSTPConverterWiring

  7. SLC4075DatabaseAndEthernetAddressModificationProcedure.pdff

  8. SLC4075 Startup Configuration Modification Procedure

  9. SLC4075TechNote05 Modifying Setpt With External Analog Signal Procedure


            Red Lion Reference Documents

  1. RedLion Crimson3 Quick Start Guide

  2. RedLion Crimson3 User Manual - English

  3. RedLion Crimson3 Tutorials

  4. RedLion Crimson3 Reference Manual

  5. RedLion Crimson3.1 User Manual - English

  6. RedLion Crimson3.1 Reference Manual

  7. Redlion_BACnet Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement

BACnet IP to MS/TP Converter Configuration Instructions

  1. SLC4081 Protonode Customer Configuration Instructions

  2. SLC4082 Babel Buster Customer Configuration Instructions



Superstep 2100 Load (Step) Controllers

  1. SLC2100 Installation and Operating Manual

  2. Selectronix Recommended Temperature Controllers And Wiring Notes

  3. SLC2100 Troubleshooting Flowchart

  4. Comparison Chart Selectronix SLC2100 and Selectronix SLC4000 

  5. CAM/Coates To Selectronix SLC2100 Wiring Diagram


Honeywell Reference Documents

Series T775 Series 2000

  1. Honeywell T775 Series 2000 Installation Instructions

  2. Honeywell T775 Series 2000 Specification and Series 1000 Cross-Reference

  3. Honeywell T775 Series 2000 Temperature Sensors

Other Controller Information

  1. Honeywell T991 Remote Bulb Slidewire Temperature Controller  

  2. Honeywell P7810A,B,C,D Pressuretrol Controller Replacement Cross Reference for L404x L604x, L91x 

  3. Honeywell L91 Pressuretrol Controller 

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